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BELMONT COUNTY, OH (WTRF) — It’s the Checkmate Electrostatic Cleaning System.

Our electrostatic disinfectant treatment is something we’re already taking reservations for, and we’re really excited to be able to offer that to not only residential and homes, but to businesses that are looking to reopen in the coming month or two.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning 

Solvent is energized with a positive charge so it clings to the already negative charge on surfaces. We’ve seen this form of cleaning take root in the past months throughout the Valley, but now it can be done in your own home!

In many ways, spring cleaning just got a whole lot easier.

Hard or soft surfaces, once you put that fog/mist out of the machine, it basically stays where it’s supposed to and dries, so there’s no need to wipe it off.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning

Most cleaners need to sit put on surfaces before expunged. This means you lose some of that disinfectant power.

Normal cleaners have a kill-time of 10, 15, minutes or more. Which basically means you have to spray it and leave it wet on the surface for that amount of time and wipe it off. Everyone knows no one does that. You spray it and wipe it off.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning

With only cleaning essential businesses recently, Top-Notch is excited to get back to work. However, they’re not entering Coronavirus dens.

Not only for our staff, but for our clients, if there is a known case of Corona, or even a hint of it, we’ve politely passed and have been referring them to the local restoration companies in the area.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning 

Spring cleaning takes on a new significance, especially during a pandemic, and come reopening next week for home services, many are ready to test out the new gadget.

We’ve had a lot of clients that have asked to just wait until June, July. Kind of hesitant, which I totally understand. On the other hand, though, we literally have clients last month that were already calling and complaining and asking when we could come, or when’s the first time we could schedule.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning


We have to much work this spring… good problem to have.
Primarily looking for ladies on our dayshift. Great part time flexible hours.
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12 Easy Christmas-​Cleaning Tips

12 Easy Christmas-​Cleaning Tips

The arrival of Christmas is the perfect time to refresh your home. Here are some great room-by-room spring-cleaning tips and a useful guide to help you clean up fast and start anew. The easiest tip to offer is of course call Top-Notch Cleaning today!


Start on the outside. One of the most gratifying spring-cleaning accomplishments is getting the windows so clean that the sunshine pours in as the weather warms up. But you can’t get perfectly clean windows just by doing the inside glass alone. The next nice spring day, enjoy some fresh air outdoors and clean the outsides of your windows with the new Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool glass cleaning tool.

Savor the sweet smell of success. Once the outsides of the windows are clean, focus on getting the insides as clear as possible. Use a glass cleaner with a refreshingly clean scent, like Windex® Crystal Rain™. Not only will it give your windows a Windex® streak-free shine, your home will smell great, too.


Vacuum first. The bathroom has lots of corners and crevices that attract dust bunnies and dirt. Vacuuming before cleaning will make the cleaning process easier and faster. Use your vacuum’s crevice attachment to get into tight spaces and reach under cabinets.

Try a fresh scent for spring. After a long winter, citrus and floral scents evoke the coming of lighter, warmer weather. Try a bathroom cleaner that’s fresh smelling, like Antibacterial Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner*, available in a lemon scent. And keep the gentle, light scent going with Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil.


Focus on hard-to-reach spaces. Make a checklist and clean the areas you rarely touch: under the fridge (try a sock attached to a measuring stick for this one), the top of the oven hood, the inside of the dishwasher, baseboard and window moldings, light fixtures and underneath your countertop appliances.

Streamline your routine. With so many different surfaces, cleaning the kitchen can seem overwhelming and time-consuming. Simplify your spring cleaning by using one good multi-surface cleaner, like Windex® Multi-Surface Antibacterial, to save time and money.

Pare down the pantry. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of perishables and expired foods that have been in the pantry for too long. Check the less obvious stuff, like spices that have been around awhile or the cereal you haven’t eaten since 2003. Even canned goods don’t last forever.

Living & Dining Rooms

Clear the clutter. There’s nothing wrong with keeping some reading material near the remote, but you don’t need dozens of magazines sitting on your coffee table. Get rid of any magazines older than three months. If there are articles you’d still like to read, cut them out and put them in one bound scrapbook or folder.

Don’t forget to disinfect. You’re probably used to disinfecting and deodorizing in the kitchen and bathroom, but other high-traffic rooms and surfaces invite just as many germs. Kill odor-causing bacteria in the air and on often-touched surfaces† like work or craft countertops, telephones and doorknobs with Glade® Tough Odor Solutions Air Sanitizers.

Dust the dishes. If you’ve got a china cabinet in or near the dining room, chances are you don’t use those dishes every day. But even when the cabinet is closed, dust can still settle on surfaces. Spring cleaning is a good time to try the Pledge® Multi Surface Duster and its 360-degree cleaning angle for dusting under plates and inside cups.


Clear the drawers. Take everything out of your dresser drawers, armoire and nightstand. If you haven’t used the item in a year, donate it. If you do wear or use it regularly but it needs mending, start a “mend” pile. And if anything’s stained, use Shout® Advanced Gel to pretreat the stain before laundering. Then, refill each drawer with just one type of clothing (socks or T-shirts, etc.) so things are easy to find when you’re in a hurry.

Mind the headboard. If you have a headboard that’s less than new, it’s likely that time, dust and your heating and air-conditioning have sucked the moisture out of it. Banish the dust hiding in the crevices with the Pledge® Multi Surface Duster. Then put moisture back into the wood and add shine with Pledge® Extra Moisturizing spray. After all that, take a well-deserved nap or springtime stroll.

8th Company Car and New Tablets

Today we purchased our 8th company car… WOW!

We have also installed with security cables tablets in all of our vehicles.

Unless you are a cleaner that steals the car / seat its chained to you will not be getting our clients information.

High-Tech 🙂

Welcome Back!

We are excited to announce that Annie has rejoined the Top Notch family as our new Manager! Annie was a valued (client favorite) Senior Cleaner during her time with us but has managerial experience.

You can reach Annie on the same managers number 740-827-8475.

Our new manager Annie.

Our new manager Annie. 🙂

THANKS Patricia! Client Feedback

Kacey, Tammy, and Lauren did an exceptional job for me, when I  reschedule, I
will always want them for me. I am going to recommend your company to all my
friends and family. They are hard workers and they deserve a raise!!!!!.  I will
reschedule for May on a Monday. Thanks again!!!!!

Victoria’s Secret

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says Victoria’s Secret?

Top-Notch will be doing the construction clean up and floor refinishing at the new Victoria’s Secrets in the Ohio Valley Mall.


Top Notch Helping Cancer Patients

Top Notch Helping Cancer Patients


ST. CLAIRSVILLE – In one way or another, everyone has been affect by cancer, whether it be through you or a loved one. In between all of the doctors visit and treatments, little things like cleaning your house tends to fall through the cracks. That is why Top Notch Cleaning is offer a free cleaning to anyone whose family member or even themselves have cancer.

“The Mother’s Touch program is something I have had in mind ever since we were opening the business. My Mother, Denise, passed away when I was young, only about seven or eight years old from cancer,” said Austin Straub, Owner of Top Notch Cleaning. “We have a staff member whose family member is currently battling a form of cancer. Everyone has been affected by cancer in some way and I just know it is a need that is out there.”A Mothers Touch

The free cleaning will be down by one of Top Notch Cleaning 20 employees. Those who do get the free cleaning are not obiligated to use Top Notch Cleaning in the future. If the recipient or their family would like a cleaning in the future, Top Notch will make it as affordable as possible. All that they ask is that the residence be within a 30 mile radius of St. Clairsville and to be flexible when it comes to the scheduling. They plan on doing one or two free cleanings a week.

Top Notch employees will wear Top Notch polos with either black pants or khakis and will have an HHR with the logo on the side. The free cleaning will include high and low dusting, floors, sinks and counter tops and making the beds, doing dishes and taking out the trash.

“When you are going through Chemo and different treatments for cancer or when you are a family member driving back and forth and helping someone through that, the last thing that is on your mind is cleaning and with the holidays coming up, it can help take a burden off,” said Straub. “If we can help (ease that burden) with a free cleaning then we are doing our job and serving the purpose of The Mother’s Touch program and that is where I got the name, obviously, is in honor of my mother.”

Top Notch Cleaning has been open less than a year and currently has 20 employees. They have five day crews with a couple evening shifts. More information can be found on their website www.tnclean.com.