In case you missed us on yesterday’s news talking about our electrostatic systems below is the link to the article. CALL TODAY!


BELMONT COUNTY, OH (WTRF) — It’s the Checkmate Electrostatic Cleaning System.

Our electrostatic disinfectant treatment is something we’re already taking reservations for, and we’re really excited to be able to offer that to not only residential and homes, but to businesses that are looking to reopen in the coming month or two.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning 

Solvent is energized with a positive charge so it clings to the already negative charge on surfaces. We’ve seen this form of cleaning take root in the past months throughout the Valley, but now it can be done in your own home!

In many ways, spring cleaning just got a whole lot easier.

Hard or soft surfaces, once you put that fog/mist out of the machine, it basically stays where it’s supposed to and dries, so there’s no need to wipe it off.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning

Most cleaners need to sit put on surfaces before expunged. This means you lose some of that disinfectant power.

Normal cleaners have a kill-time of 10, 15, minutes or more. Which basically means you have to spray it and leave it wet on the surface for that amount of time and wipe it off. Everyone knows no one does that. You spray it and wipe it off.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning

With only cleaning essential businesses recently, Top-Notch is excited to get back to work. However, they’re not entering Coronavirus dens.

Not only for our staff, but for our clients, if there is a known case of Corona, or even a hint of it, we’ve politely passed and have been referring them to the local restoration companies in the area.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning 

Spring cleaning takes on a new significance, especially during a pandemic, and come reopening next week for home services, many are ready to test out the new gadget.

We’ve had a lot of clients that have asked to just wait until June, July. Kind of hesitant, which I totally understand. On the other hand, though, we literally have clients last month that were already calling and complaining and asking when we could come, or when’s the first time we could schedule.

Austin Straub, Owner of Top-Notch Cleaning