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“Just had our house cleaned yesterday and was so happy with the Amazing job that was done. Austin was professional and friendly. The women who cleaned was on time and did a Wonder job. Will definitely be using them again soon. They brought their own supplies and the price was more than reasonable. Thank you again”

Winter Cleaning Tips

Many of us start feeling that urge to deep clean our homes once spring rolls around. In fact, the “Spring Cleaning” ritual is practically hard-wired into most homeowners’ minds. But think about this…why spend so much time cleaning right when the weather turns nice? Why not do it now, when we’re stuck indoors anyway? OR… Just call TOP NOTCH CLEANING TODAY 740-312-9090 and schedule a spring cleaning!

Snow and rock salt is tracked inside every day from your kids and family, the fireplace is circulating ashes, the heat’s running constantly, and with no open windows, all that dust is just hovering around. Having a deeply cleaned home is great for your abode and your psyche.

1. Clean Your Furnace

Change your furnace filter once a month. This helps in making your home more energy efficient, and keeps your air cleaner. And don’t forget to look at the furnace itself. If it’s coated in dust and grime, or if there are dust bunnies circulating around underneath, make sure to vacuum them up.

2. Deep Clean Your Carpet and Floors

I don’t know about you, but I live in Michigan and my floors get trashed in the winter. Salt collects in between every carpet fiber, and the hardwood floors take on an unpleasant whitish sheen from melting salt water. To combat this, take the time to steam clean your carpet and scrub the floors. If you don’t have a place for snowy boots and shoes, put out a couple of cookie sheets (the kind with the raised edge) for them to drain by the door. This will help keep that mess off the floors.

3. Dust

Homes get very dusty in the winter because the air is so warm and dry. Dust your home’s surfaces from top to bottom to help keep the dust to a manageable level. Don’t forget ceiling fan blades, the tops of window moldings, and the tops of books – all of which are often overlooked and can collect dust easily.  Also, give your lighting fixtures a good dusting. Dust easily collects on them during the winter too, and can make your indoor light look dingy. This will make a big difference in brightening things up. Many people also opt to get their home’s air ducts professionally cleaned. This will not only drastically reduce the amount of dust, germs and allergens floating around, but it can also help your furnace run more efficiently.

4. Clean the Windows

If you have a fireplace or burn candles, your windows likely sport a thin film of soot on the inside, which can block precious sun. Give all your windows a good wipe down. I use vinegar mixed with water, and it works great.

5. Clean the Kitchen Ceiling

Think I’m kidding here? Your kitchen ceiling likely has a film of funk on it without you realizing it, mainly from all the moisture, fumes and smoke resulting from cooking. The same goes for the walls, especially those around the stove. Mix a small amount of mild dish soap in a bucket of warm water and gently scrub with a sponge, using only a minimum amount of water (not enough to drip). Of course, if you notice any discoloration or streaking, stop immediately.


Save yourself the hassle and days of hard work doing a spring cleaning by just calling us TODAY 740-312-9090!

Client Facebook Feedback


Client Facebook Feedback: This company does an absolutely wonderful job! They did a “deep” clean for my Mom this week and it was great! Appliances, sinks, etc look brand new. The crew was extremely professional and delightful to have around. I would recommend them to anyone.


THANKS Patricia! Client Feedback

Kacey, Tammy, and Lauren did an exceptional job for me, when I  reschedule, I
will always want them for me. I am going to recommend your company to all my
friends and family. They are hard workers and they deserve a raise!!!!!.  I will
reschedule for May on a Monday. Thanks again!!!!!

Cancellation Fee

Due to many last minute canceled appointments Top-Notch Cleaning will now be charging a $20 cancellation fee. If a client cancels an appointment or doesn’t call in advance of 24 hours the $20 fee will be assessed. Every time a client calls a few hours before their appointment or just turns us away not only does the business lose revenue but our cleaners lose hours they count on. Thank you for your cooperation.

Client Feedback! Great email.

Good Morning Austin,

I had the pleasure to meet the crew yesterday morning and just want to let you know when I came home I was thrilled.  They did an outstanding job!!!  Looking forward to seeing them again on October 15th!

Thank you,

Mary Kay

Customer Service Manager

Please help us welcome our new manager Charles Haithcock to the Top Notch team. Charles has a business management degree, years of management in several industries including cleaning and was a Sargeant in the National Gaurd.



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