Top Notch Helping Cancer Patients

Top Notch Helping Cancer Patients

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – In one way or another, everyone has been affect by cancer, whether it be through you or a loved one. In between all of the doctors visit and treatments, little things like cleaning your house tends to fall through the cracks. That is why Top Notch Cleaning is offer a free cleaning to anyone whose family member or even themselves have cancer.

“The Mother’s Touch program is something I have had in mind ever since we were opening the business. My Mother, Denise, passed away when I was young, only about seven or eight years old from cancer,” said Austin Straub, Owner of Top Notch Cleaning. “We have a staff member whose family member is currently battling a form of cancer. Everyone has been affected by cancer in some way and I just know it is a need that is out there.”A Mothers Touch

The free cleaning will be down by one of Top Notch Cleaning 20 employees. Those who do get the free cleaning are not obiligated to use Top Notch Cleaning in the future. If the recipient or their family would like a cleaning in the future, Top Notch will make it as affordable as possible. All that they ask is that the residence be within a 30 mile radius of St. Clairsville and to be flexible when it comes to the scheduling. They plan on doing one or two free cleanings a week.

Top Notch employees will wear Top Notch polos with either black pants or khakis and will have an HHR with the logo on the side. The free cleaning will include high and low dusting, floors, sinks and counter tops and making the beds, doing dishes and taking out the trash.

“When you are going through Chemo and different treatments for cancer or when you are a family member driving back and forth and helping someone through that, the last thing that is on your mind is cleaning and with the holidays coming up, it can help take a burden off,” said Straub. “If we can help (ease that burden) with a free cleaning then we are doing our job and serving the purpose of The Mother’s Touch program and that is where I got the name, obviously, is in honor of my mother.”

Top Notch Cleaning has been open less than a year and currently has 20 employees. They have five day crews with a couple evening shifts. More information can be found on their website

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ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Austin Straub, owner of newly opened Top-Notch Cleaning Services in St. Clairsville is looking for his company to make headway into the local cleaning service industry.

In doing so, he plans to offer what he believes will set his company apart from its competitors … unmatched customer service.

“We are really focused on customer service,” Straub said from the inside of his office at 51271 National Rd., Suite 8 in St. Clairsville. “Our employees will have background checks and will be subject to random drug tests. They will arrive in a lettered company vehicle and will wear polo shirt, khaki pants and will look professional.”

That service just doesn’t end with the frontline employees.

Straub wants to add his own personal touches to the business.

That’s why the lone contact number is a business cell phone that Straub always has on his person. Appointments are a call away by dialing 740-312-9090.

“If you call us, you will get a call back. If I don’t pick up, I will get right back to you. We’re trying to raise the level of professionalism.”

Top-Notch isn’t just about great customer service. After all, the company’s motto is “Never satisfied … until you are.”

Expect a premium cleaning job, that can be as thorough as the customer needs it to be. This isn’t just a floors, walls and ceilings type of cleaning company.

Top-Notch supplies all its cleaning products, unless the customer has a specific product they’d wish to be used. The products, while acting as a disinfectant, are green and completely safe. There are no harmful chemicals left behind.

The equipment utilized is a triple filtered backpack system, along with a bucketless mop for bigger jobs.

What that means is no having to leave the front door open for residential customers while work is performed.

Top-Notch will work with both residential and commercial customers, with shifts running during the day and evening, as well as weekends on request.

They can perform as needed cleanings, weekly, biweekly, monthly … anything to suit the customers needs. There are, however, no contracts.

“There are no contracts, long-term commitments or up-front costs,” Straub said. “We do the cleaning and once it’s complete and your satisfied, we’ll send an invoice.

If someone is set up on a weekly service and wants to dial it back, they can do that. We give the customer whatever they want, and because there are no contracts, that puts the pressure on us to always perform.”

Straub and his wife Leanne are the co-owners. Both are graduates of West Liberty University and recently moved back to the area after working in Marietta.

They are in the process of training five individuals with the intention of hiring a total of 10-15, including a salaried manager for the office.

For additional information, check out the company’s website at or visit its page of Facebook.