Coronavirus Update

CORONAVIRUS & HOW TOP-NOTCH CLEANING LLC DISINFECTS YOUR HOME AND BUSINESS WHILE CLEANING. Our main cleaner is NDC supplied from State Industrial located out of Cleveland, OH. We love that this product has a great “fresh” scent and is a disinfectant while also being a natural non abrasive cleaner. It is used on everything from hard flooring, countertops to toilets. Top-Notch could of saved a lot of money over the years using a lesser cleaner but our clients deserve the best. Please review the product description below.

NDC™ is a concentrated, pH neutral, broad spectrum quaternary disinfectant designed to clean and disinfect a wide variety of hard, non-porous inanimate surfaces. Its pleasant fragrance makes this an ideal cleaner and disinfectant in all facilities that need to protect from harmful infectious diseases and infestations.

NDC will clean and disinfectant hard, non-porous inanimate surfaces such as floors, toilets and urinals, glass and mirrors, metal and stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic tile, plastic, showers, stalls, and cabinets. Its quaternary, neutral pH formula makes it an effective cleaner and will not harm or dull high gloss floor finishes or painted surfaces.

NDC is available in our pleasant Morning Fresh™ scent. It kills a wide variety of microorganisms, which are the main source of malodors. The efficacy and fragrance combine to eliminate even the toughest facility odors in places such as garbage rooms, restrooms and waste disposal areas.

NDC is effective against dangerous bacteria and viruses such as: VRE, MRSA, HIV-1 & HIV-2 (AIDS Virus), 2009 H1N1, HBV, HCV, Herpes (Simplex 1) & Many more!


2015 Holiday Party

Thank you to everyone who could attend our 2015 Company Holiday Party. It was a good thing we moved to a local gym because we had a GREAT turn out. The event featured Undo’s food, door prizes including an RCA 32″ TV / Nintendo 3DS / COACH Purse / 10″ Tablet and of course a visit from Santa with gift bags for all 30+ kids!

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU to all of our staff!

State Industrial Products

Top Notch Cleaning, LLC is excited to announce that we are now using State Industrial Products.
These Green Seal Certified products include floor care, air freshener, general purpose cleaner and so much more!

So how good are these cleaners? The Cleveland Clinic Hospital uses these same cleaners!


Bill’s Towing

Top Notch Cleaning is excited to be cleaning weekly at
Bill’s Towing located in St. Clairsville, OH!

We are proud to be joining the St. Clairsville, OH community.

Top-Notch Cleaning recently located our first location. It’s a building everyone in the Ohio Valley is familiar with, the old CA House building. With room to grow, plenty of parking, easy travel to the interstate and located on National Road we are thrilled to start our company in St. Clairsville. SEE YOU SOON!

52171 National Road East
Suite 8
St. Clairsville, OH 43950

Words Top-Notch Cleaning will never forget. Customer #1

There  is only one boss. The Customer.
And he can fire everybody in the company from  the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.
Sam  Walton

Business Cleaner coming soon to St. Clairsville and Wheeling areas!

Top-Notch Cleaning can customize an array of services in order to meet the exact needs of your office or business. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE!

Entrance/Lobby: Empty & clean waste receptacles. Clean metal hardware and polish if needed. Clean glass entrance doors inside and out. Clean and disinfect reception area. Pick up and arrange any reading material in lobby.

Offices/Workstations: Empty and clean waste receptacles and change liners. Vacuum areas, Sweep and/or dust mop office floors. Clean and disinfect chairs, desks, tables, filing cabinets and other furniture, Disinfect telephones, Clean and disinfect office machines, Dust high ledges, partitions, moldings and other flat surfaces, Rearrange furniture to original order.

Rest Rooms: Clean and disinfect fixtures and chrome fittings. Clean, disinfect and refill dispensers from stock. Clean and disinfect toilet seats and undersides. Spot wash walls, partitions and doors. Clean mirrors and polish hardware. Clean and disinfect floors.

Lunch/Break Rooms: Clean and disinfect counter tops. Wash appliances, coffee pots, teapots, toaster, and refrigerator as needed, clean and disinfect floors.

Hallways & Public Areas: Clean and disinfect drinking fountains. Dust and/or sweep stairs, landings and handrails. Vacuum air grills. Vacuum carpeted areas.

Elevators: Spot clean walls outside elevator openings. Empty and clean ashtrays, Clean mirrors. Clean and disinfect elevator walls and doors, vacuum carpet

Optional Available Services:

Floor Waxing: Stripping, reapplying and sealing of commercial flooring services.
Window Cleaning: Clean windows and sills inside and out.
Garages & Sidewalks: Pick up trash daily. Sweep and hose down debris.