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Thank you to our valued clients for your positive feedback. The cleaners greatly appreciate your kind words.


Mary Kay Z.: Well, I think this is very simple nothing makes me feel better than to come home to a clean house after work! When this happens you can come in and relax and not feel guilty for sitting down and watching the new fall shows. And if you have ever had Top Notch clean your house, this is just how you feel, you walk in the door and just have a smile on your face! Everyone deserves this feeling!

Michelle M.: I have been dealing with many health issues and had to have surgery on my hip and had Top Notch Cleaning, LLC come clean my house a few times to take some of the worry of cleaning away. They did such a wonderful job and it felt great not to stress about how my house was going to get cleaned

Teena M.: I am a loyal and devoted customer of Top Notch (I came home to a clean home yesterday, thanks to your crew!). As a working mother of 4 little kids who are 36 months apart from oldest to youngest, I know how hard it can be to keep up with the little ones and the house – especially when the little ones are sick. Thank you for all that you do in my home so that I may enjoy time with my 4 kids (rather than spending it cleaning) and for helping to make my home as germ-free as possible so that my little ones stay healthy and well! It is a huge relief to have a clean home AND time to spend with my kids!

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House Cleaning

Top-Notch Cleaning can customize an array of services in order to meet the exact needs of your residential cleaning. From a vacant move-in cleaning to post party clean up, weekly or bi-weekly house cleanings and anything in-between. Listed below are the different home cleaning services available on our standard house cleaning.

Each time our crew visits your home, we provide you with the same staff members when available. This way, our crews will have personal knowledge of your requirements allowing us to more effectively service your home. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE!

We are proud to be joining the St. Clairsville, OH community.

Top-Notch Cleaning recently located our first location. It’s a building everyone in the Ohio Valley is familiar with, the old CA House building. With room to grow, plenty of parking, easy travel to the interstate and located on National Road we are thrilled to start our company in St. Clairsville. SEE YOU SOON!

52171 National Road East
Suite 8
St. Clairsville, OH 43950


We are hoping for a Top-Notch performance from the Buckeyes today.