ZANESVILLE – It’s been a busy couple of months for a local cleaning company.

Since April, Top Notch Cleaning went through a period where it suspended residential cleaning and received an uptick in commercial jobs.

Some of their largest clients include the Cambridge Police Dept and AMG Vanadium in Guernsey County. It is now back to taking on residential jobs as well.

“We do a little bit of everything. We’re residential cleaning so we do everything from weekly (and) biweekly cleaning for folks to spring cleaning this time of year where we can have four, five, to six ladies there for the day washing down walls and wood works and cabins and so on; carpet cleaning, and, then, obviously for our commercial cleaning. We do everything from medical offices, banks, doctors offices, factories, plants, and kind of everything in between,” Top Notch Cleaning Owner Austin Straub said.

Top Notch is also excited to introduce its new tool known as electro-static disinfecting.

“It truly is the only way to disinfect a surface or you entire home. What it does is it puts an electric positive charge to the solution as it goes through the system and its attracted to negative charges on surfaces and its more of a fog effect. So, it disperses and gets the hard to reach areas and it dries on contact so there’s no need to wipe off so that disinfecting quality stays where its supposed to,” Straub said.

Straub said there is about a one to two week wait for a commercial or residential client who sets an appointment. You can find more information about Top Notch as well as the electro-static disinfecting on its website: https://tnclean.com/

Busy Time for Local Cleaning Company