Staff Raise!

For the 2nd time in a year all hourly staff is getting a fifty-cent raise!

We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to Top-Notch. THANK YOU for all that you do!

This raise will take effect immediately on the 4/15/21 paycheck.

Cleaning Availability

Schedule Update: Due to an increase in bookings (spring & construction cleanings) and staff limitations (call offs, illness, # of staff) we are VERY limited in available cleaning spots. We have recently been forced to cancel/reschedule cleanings. Top-Notch apologizes for delays in our availability and appreciate your understanding of these challenging times.

Blessed to be busy

During the month of March our amazing team completed Top-Notch Cleanings BEST MONTH EVER! Between spring & construction cleanings we have been blessed to be busy.

THANK YOU to our valued managers and team for all of your hard work.



Both of our office are now hiring part time cleaners for all shifts. $250 BONUS after new hire completes 30 working days with us! Paid training, no out of pocket expense to staff, dependable/flexible hours, after two years paid vacation, bereavement pay, NEW HIGHER PAY RATE and $250 BONUS!

Starting wage is $10.00 an hour.

Our offices are located at:
887 National Road
Bridgeport OH 43912

5711 Fairdale Dr.
Cambridge OH 43750