Merry Christmas

So that our staff can enjoy time with family we will be closed Christmas eve & Christmas day.

Top-Notch will also be paying all of our staff 5 additional hours for the extra day off this year.


Client Email

Reading a thrilled client review in my email is a great way to start a Monday morning. THANK YOU Veronica and we will for sure track down who was the cleaners on your cleaning this past week.

GREAT JOB to our Cambridge & Zanesville office!

Staff Meals

FRIDAY 4th: This is just half our order from Undo’s of St. Clairsville today for our Ohio Valley office. Happy Holidays to our team!

THURSDAY 3rd: Our Cambridge & Zanesville office is the first to get spoiled with some great local food. Pasta diners from the Forum and pies from Theos! THANK YOU for all that you do. Staff giveaways will be drawn tomorrow morning and meals for our Ohio Valley office will be in the afternoon.

Staff Giveaways!

I’m sorry, Cambridge & Zanesville office but the Ohio Valley office was the lucky one this morning. (They do have over double the staff & drawing was done in front of about 20 staff.) The Ohio Valley location took home all 6 of the staff giveaways. Winners are listed below. Several gift baskets where also randomly given away.

Thank you to everyone on our team and Merry Christmas!

Acer Laptop: Tia
Power Wheel: Natalie
PS4: Katie
Tablet: Roxanne
50 inch TV: Jennifer
Tool Combo: Kacey

Cambridge did have 3 names drawn to win baskets: Nicole H, Kirsten & Samantha